2 Repeaters, Filtering with checkboxes

Hello Guys!

I’ve tried many things now. I want to create an airlinefilter. In this filter there are some checkboxes. It works, that if I uncheck a checkbox, I can’t see the airline in my result list. So I uncheck Airline 1, Airline 2, … but now I want to check Airline 1, to see results with this airline. And I don’t know how. If I add a “remove filter”, then all airlines are there. But thats not what I want.

I’m sure there is a way to create this with Axure but for now I have no idea. I’ve attached my last version, but I’ve tried even more.

There’s another case that should do the same: Tap on “Keine” - all checkboxes are off. So here - I want to tap on “Airline 1” and after that “Airline 2” - I’m sure you know what I mean :smiley:

Other case: You can hover above an airline and the word “nur” is shown - that also works. “nur” means “only” :slight_smile:

So hopefully someone could help


airlinefilter.rp (79.4 KB)

Edit: I found this thread now :woman_facepalming: : 2 repeaters updating/interacting with each other for a Multi-Select. (dropdown + pills) It’s very similar to the behaciour I want. I’ll try to adjust it to my airlinefilter now.

Edit2: … ok, I don’t know how to adapt it right for my case… :tired_face: In the example the checkboxes are not selected and you don’t get results. I need the difference: checkboxes are selected and results are shown. I know, it seems very easy to adapt it but something goes wrong :bowing_woman: Maybe someone could help me.

airlinefilter_v2.rp (81.9 KB)