6 Steps to get Font Awesome 5 Pro + Axure 9 working


Actually I found out a simpler way to show Font Awesome 5 icons on axshare.


  1. Go on Font Awesome 5 website and create a kit (Home > Start using > Create your own kit)
  2. Copy the generated script
  3. Log in your axshare/axure cloud account > select options on the prototype you’re working on (three dots, if you use axure cloud) > select “Plugins”
  4. Click on “Add plugin” and paste the script you copied in the field. Make sure the code is be placed “Inside <head></head>”.
  5. Save.

You won’t need any mapping, just the unicode characters :slight_smile:

Hope it’s helpful!


Woah - I can totally see how that would work, I’ll give it a shot this week and report back. In the meantime, thanks so much for sharing - if this ends up being the kind of silver bullet it sounds like it might be, I’ll probably revise the original post or make a new one officially updating the recommended steps. Very cool.


Hi Erik
Thank you so much for this guide. I have used it to create a simplified version for FontAwesome 5.11.2 FREE.

Best regards, Marianne