6 Steps to get Font Awesome 5 Pro + Axure 9 working


Actually I found out a simpler way to show Font Awesome 5 icons on axshare.


  1. Go on Font Awesome 5 website and create a kit (Home > Start using > Create your own kit)
  2. Copy the generated script
  3. Log in your axshare/axure cloud account > select options on the prototype you’re working on (three dots, if you use axure cloud) > select “Plugins”
  4. Click on “Add plugin” and paste the script you copied in the field. Make sure the code is be placed “Inside <head></head>”.
  5. Save.

You won’t need any mapping, just the unicode characters :slight_smile:

Hope it’s helpful!


Woah - I can totally see how that would work, I’ll give it a shot this week and report back. In the meantime, thanks so much for sharing - if this ends up being the kind of silver bullet it sounds like it might be, I’ll probably revise the original post or make a new one officially updating the recommended steps. Very cool.


Hi Erik
Thank you so much for this guide. I have used it to create a simplified version for FontAwesome 5.11.2 FREE.

Best regards, Marianne


Hello @axure-user-1 - welcome to the forum, and congrats on your first post!

If you’re open to a bit of constructive feedback on your first post, I have something for you. Generally speaking, when you’re posting to a forum and asking for help, the single most important thing you can do is describe the exact problem you’re experiencing, in excruciating detail, especially the part where you include screenshots of the problem, and exact steps someone else would require to reproduce what you’re seeing. In general, reproducability is the single most important part of getting help - otherwise, the response is usually shrug, deafening silence, or worse, getting flamed.

So, with that in mind, give your post above another read, and see what opportunities for improvement there might be. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’ve tried hard to follow the instructions diligently to make Font Awesome works with Axure yet to succeed. I used one .css url for all Font Awesome fonts as @Justin_Axure suggested and skipped Step 6: Add Font Mappings.

Has anyone lately followed the instructions and got FontAwesome + Axure 9 working? Did you do anything differently than the instructions in this thread?