A case with the logic "key doesn't equals" blocks the text field


I have two elements with animation on this page. The first one starts when the page is loaded.
The second one I set in the case “key pressed doesn’t equals /” - I meant to press any key. In this case I’ve added actions to the variable zeroing after previous animation.
Executing “press any key” command starts second animation.

I also have a text field on the page, but when I want to type something, the variables reset again and the animation starts from the beginning. The textbox doesn’t react and you can’t type anything in it.

Any idea?
Thx for help :slight_smile:

It sounds like you need to add another condition to your “press any key” action to check if the text field has focus and not play the animation if it does.

Axure doesn’t have a, “If widget has focus…” condition so you’ll have to make your own. One way is to create a global variable like, “HasFocus”, and whenever the input field gets focus, set it to “true”.

Then your key press condition would be: Play animation if > “key pressed doesn’t equals /” OR global variable “HasFocus” does not equal “true”.

There is one other thing you’ll need to do. For whatever reason, Axure doesn’t detect clicking an input field as it “getting focus”, so you’ll need to add an event to the input field to get focus when it’s clicked.