Ability to Break Away All Masters On Page or in Outline Panel at Once, Even If Nested In Different Levels / Folders

I’ve asked this question before but the solution that was provided didn’t totally get to what I was hoping to do, so asking again with more clarification in case there’s another solution to what I’m trying to achieve.

I’d like to select all the masters on a page and break them away all at once. The outline pane method as suggested previously, didn’t work as I’d hoped. I’m not able to select all of the masters in the project at once, even when I’ve filtered Outline Pane to see only Masters, because the masters fall into different folders.

Why I want to do this - I’m building complex workflows consisting of many different UI’s that all tie in together. I need to keep them in the same Axure file. I end up creating a LOT of masters and nested masters in the process, many of which are used across similar UI’s.

When I need to create a new iteration of any given UI, I duplicate the Axure page, I make the duplicate the old iteration and move the now “old” iteration to an Archived Iterations folder.

I want to then be able to continue to edit masters on the newest iterations as the project evolves without affecting the old iterations, ie, which is why I want to break away all of the masters in those old iterations before I archive them. So they remain as they were when archived, in case we need to circle back to them. But I have so many masters, that selecting the masters in outline panel is tedious and takes forever. Even after I filter the pane by Masters, I cannot select all at once because they fall into different folders and nested levels and the panel will only allow me to select multiples if they are in the same folder or level (see screenshot).

I’ve also tried CTRL+A to select all on the PAGE, but because I have non-master items selected in addition to master items, I do not get the “Break Away” option in my right click menu.