Ability to click on elements behind a dynamic panel

This seems to be an age-old problem. When a transparent dynamic panel overlays other elements, you can not click on them. Example in the image below. I have a dynamic panel that is fixed to the bottom - its a mobile menu - inside it has various state that have other features (like notifications) when one taps/clicks on a button. Initial state is only the bottom navigation and no other elements. technically I should be able to click on “sort by” dropdown but currently, I can not as the dynamic container is overlaying it. It makes sense that I can not click on sort by when in a different state and it has actual elements overlapping or if the background was set as a specific colour.


Set your dynamic panel to be Fit to Content. That way, for example, in the default state where it contains only the bottom navigation, the DP will be only as tall as that navigation element. Since it’s set to pin-to-bottom, the panel will stay pinned to bottom, even as the height of the panel changes due to changing states of the panel.

Here’s an example using that technique with the menu pinned bottom left.


File: bottom-pinned-menu.rp (53.4 KB)