Ability to hide widgets from view

I think this used to be the case before, but I’d like the ability to hide widgets from the outline view. I have a few general widgets such as hotspots, rectangles, etc. that may take up large parts of the screen. Not having to click through them while editing would make it more efficient for me.

Hi pixeler,

Are you referring to the Outline pane option “Hide from view”?

If that’s the option you’re looking for, then this is only available for specific widget types (Groups, Dynamic Panels, and Masters). This will help to remove that item from the canvas while you’re editing in Axure RP to make it easier to edit items that are underneath them. If getting to overlapped widgets is the reason for using this checkbox, then in Axure RP 9 you can also right-click over the widget that you want to reach and use the “Select Widget” item in the context menu to pick the widget that you want to hop to.

Hopefully that helps! If that’s not quiet what you need and you’d like to submit a feature request then please send it to support@axure.com. Thanks!

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