Ability to select text and apply interactions to it


Does anyone know if it is possible to simulate the selection of a block of text and mouse right click to then trigger a menu with actions?


You can certainly do a right click menu. See the available actions list, on which you can show a panel or something for the menu after moving it the position of the mouse cursor. I don’t think you can reliably simulate the selection of text unless you fake it though.

Hi Alf,
To select the text in an input field, create an interaction with the Focus action, and hit the checkbox to ‘Select text in text field or text area’.

I included a screenshot showing an example. You can extend this by also showing a popup dynamic panel which acts as a popup menu if you like.



Yes, this would work. Note too that you can turn off the borders on the input field to make it look like plain text. A click would of course select the entire text, so not a marquee selection interaction, but for the purposes of a prototype it might be enough.