Ability to view both style and interactions panes

I seem to toggle frequently between the style and interactions panes. Is it possible to have an option to view these side by side?

Along those lines, it’d be useful to allow placement of panes wherever you like. There aren’t many so I don’t think it’d be as crazy to manage as Adobe products. Allow me to combine multiple panes on one side, pull out panes into their own separate column, arrange panes vertically, swap them out, etc. It’d be nice to use smart snapping of panes.

Hi pixeler,

If you’re using Axure RP 9, then you should be able to rearrange the panes by dragging the tab handle and then lining the pane up with one of the dropzones; these will show as blue highlighted areas if you drag a pane over an area that is between tabs, at the edge of an existing pane (top, left, bottom, right), or at the edge of the Axure RP UI (left, right, and bottom). Hopefully that helps! If that doesn’t quite do everything you hoped then please send additional feedback to support@axure.com so that we can get that filed. Thank you!

Oh didn’t realize this! That basically addresses what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

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