Accents bug in Axure 9

When type words with accents lile “Japão”, the word appears like this “Jap~ão”.

This bug is quite annoying to languages like portuguese.

Hi Rodrigo,

This is not a configuration or a bug Axure, but your computer language and location settings. Make sure that you are using the correct language selection (Portuguese BR or Portuguese PT) and proper keyboard layout for your computer (you probably need to select ABNT or ABNT2 standards - you may also try English International).
I’ve made several attempts to reproduce the error your reported, both in a Mac and in a PC, without success.
Good luck

Thanks Fernando, but your supposition isn´t correct. All of my keyboards and languages configurations are setted to work well with brazilian portuguese. I don´t face the same error when I use Axure 8 or anothers softwares with the same computer and configurations.

I really think it´s a bug :confused:

Hi guys!

I was able to reproduce the same issue where the accent is output as its own character before the accented character, same as the OP, and I’ve got this filed with our QA team now.

For now, a workaround would be to manually remove the accent character, or to work with Axure RP 8.

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Nice! I hope you fix this soon.

For now, we can handle with that.


There is any deadline to correct this issue?

Hi Rodrigo!

It looks like our teams are still investigating the cause of this issue. However, I’ve gone ahead and added a note to the bug report for our teams regarding the continued interest in this issue.