Accidentally dropped a repeater into another repeater

Was dragging a repeater via the Outline panel and accidentally dragged it into another repeater, which caused RP 9 to have a seizure, layer multiple error reports, then crash to desktop.

I understand that nested repeaters does not and has never been something that Axure could handle, so I’m not asking for this feature, just saying Axure really wigs out if it’s done on accident.

Hi JimJam,

Totally agreed; that should not be happening! In a quick test on the latest build, 3628, I’m seeing the error get caught properly. Can you please let us know what build of RP 9 and what operating system you were on when this happened?


Hi Rachel! I am also on build 3628 and running on Windows 10 64bit.

Strange, I just tried to re-create the issue and it reacted without a crash. I’m sure I’m not doing things precisely as I did when the crash occurred, but now it just drops pink boxes on screen with the error stated inside them. Ctrl-Z resolves the issue, but doesn’t re-draw the screen, requiring selecting of a different page and then returning to completely resolve.

Thanks for testing! I’m glad that it’s not continuing to happen :confused: even though that does make it harder to track down. I’ll file a bug report with all this info (including the lack of redrawing right away, which I’m also seeing). Hopefully the QA team will be successful in finding the uncaught error case that you ran into!