Accordeon menu (submenu is displayed at the wrong place after the first occurence)

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I’m trying to build my first project (RP 8) in which I want to build a menu with sub-menus (axure file: Menu).

When I open the menu the first time and click on “Input 3” the description (submenu) is displayed correctly. However, when I close the menu and open it again, the submenu for the “Input 3” (last element) appears at the top of the menu while it should appear at the bottom of the menu. How do I get the last element to work together with the whole accordeon menu? Video: Problem

I really appreciate your help, for this is driving me insane. Been using Axure for a couple of days, and in general really enjoy all the features it offers!

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menu_forum_Carlo.rp (74.9 KB)

So…my POV is that you overcomplicated a bit the structure, and as I can see, you used Dynamic panels where not necessary.
That said, there is no right or wrong way to do things in Axure, I mean you can achieve the same results with different techniques, but what I can suggest is to try to be as “minimal” as possible.

Hope this can help!

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Thank you so much for your help! Following your advice I finally succeeded (thanks to you) final_menu.

You are Welcome! Yes, now it works well. I think you should also keep the action to close all the internal accordeon when you close the main one, on an interaction point of view makes sense.

Also, another suggestion, do not you think that, on click on a label in the menu, the others should close, instead of being able to open all of them?..


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Thanks for the two tips. I’ve been trying to find a way to do it for several days but I can’t get there so far :frowning: