Accordion does not work properly

hi all. I’m new to Axure. I’m doing the AxureTraining right now and stuck on the Accordion Control. I followed all the steps and stlil something is wrong. The panels jump to wrong places. I realy wants to understand what i’m doing wrong here. tnx all, Amiraccordion_help.rp (67.0 KB)

Hi there! I took a look at your file, and it looks like the Y position of the “Body 1” widget is what’s causing the unexpected pushing. In your file, the top of “Accordion 2” is at Y=85 on the canvas, but if you open the “Accordion 1” group and view the position of “Body 1”, it’s at Y=86; this means that it’s below the top of the “Accordion 2” group, and as a result “Accordion 2” is not “below” “Body 1” for when it gets toggled and pushes widgets below it. If you move “Body 1” up by one pixel to Y=85 then this should fix your accordion. Hopefully that does the trick!

thank you… i will check it.
tnx again