Accordion inside a repeater - not resizing correctly

Hi, new to the forum and pretty new to Axure. I’m trying to create an FAQ that consists of a repeater with accoridons inside of it to show/hide the answers. See attached. The problem is that when showing the dynamic panel with the answer inside, it is either not resizing itself properly or not pushing/pulling the other widgets properly. Or more likely I am doing something wrong. Any pointers would be appreciated.

repeater_accordion.rp (90.7 KB)

Hi Tomin,

There’s no auto-fit feature for text on Axure (or I didn’t find it).
So the height of your content was either too big or too little in regards with its default height.

With a bit of math:

  • 100 words matches 1 line
  • 1 line’s height matches 16 px

you can resize your text with the approximation: height = lenght / 100 x 16

Here the result:
repeater_accordion_V2.rp (91.3 KB)

Beware if you change the width of the text, you will need to change the “100 words for a line” value


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