Accordion menu - Weird behaviour

Hi all,

I’m new here, and i’m also new to using Axure, but it would be very nice if you could help me with those accordion menu.

Please download my file to see what i mean :
The thing is : if you click on the second button to “open” the dynamic panel and then you click on the third one too to do same , the second dynamic panel show up in the middle of the first one. But if you close everything one time, and you re-open it multiple times, there’s no problem anymore.
I don’t understand why the behavior is changing like this and how to fix it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

accordion.rp (100.6 KB)

Yeah it’s an issue with push/pull action (search in forum for more info)
Convert it to dynamic panel and it works:
accordion_edited.rp (106.3 KB)


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Nice quick fix. I didn’t think of just wrapping a hidden dynamic panel within another (visible) dynamic panel. Now that I understand more about this bug, it makes sense this would work. I don’t like the redundant nested dynamic panels, but it does work.

I must have been working on a solution at same time as PierreJ, but got carried away exploring and testing the problem further. Basically, if a dynamic panel is hidden with either no content in the top state or with only hidden content in the top state, then it is invisible to the “push/pull widgets” action. Once the dynamic panel is shown or changes to a state that contains visible content, then it is known to “push/pull widgets” so any later pushes or pulls will work regardless of state or visibility. This is why it failed on the first time but worked every time after it was shown.

Furthermore, there is no need for your “Hidden” states, so just getting rid of those is a more elegant solution. All you have to do is hide or show the dynamic panel with only one state. See this version for more explanation, demonstration of the problem and Axure bug, and fixes for other minor problems I observed. I hope this helps your learning and Axure prototyping. Best of luck!

accordion.rp (339.7 KB)


Thank you so much to you two for the work and the very complete explanations, i wasn’t expected this ! :astonished:
This is very helpful to my learning and understanding of this tool.

I don’t even know why i created an hidden state and a visible state since i already used the toggle option. I think i’ve tested so many things to try to solve the first problem that i’ve created other problems !
Thanks as well to have pushed the preciseness until the arrows and their behavior; i’ve also learned the " trigger mouse interaction style" rôle thanks to you.
You can be sure these teaching will be used wisely :grinning: