Accordion menu with Push/Pull is not working perfectly

I have created accordion menu . Menu is working fine it is pushing and pulling content down.
But not in proper way. I created 4 column footer.
Out of these 4 column 2 are coming under side bar…When you press the accordion menu it shifts footer 2 column downwards.

I tried a lot. Please suggest how to control this issue…

siteproto.rp (55.0 KB)



Here convert your 4 footers to a Dynamic panel:
siteproto_V2.rp (58.1 KB)

Push & pull is a bit tricky to use and will push widgets under.
Only 2 of your footers were directly under, so only those 2 were pushed.
Now the dynamic panel is nicely under it so it works.


@neerajk Even converting both Accordion menu groups to Dynamic panel solves this issue

siteproto_edited.rp (60.4 KB)

This is working fine now… Converting that in to Dynamic panel and group all accordion menu is good Idea.
2nd example is best solution. Thanks bjthakkar.