Accordion working but not moving below content down page

I’ve just created an accordion that works perfectly, but I need the content below it on the page to move up/down in response to opening or closing a tab on the accordion. At the moment the accordion just overlaps the content below it, rather than moving it down the page.
Any help?


Yes. Select all objects in your accordion, right-click and choose Convert to Dynamic panel. By default the new, surrounding DP will be Fit to Content. This is what you want.

Then put everything below the dynamic panel into a second dynamic panel. (I’ll call this panel stuffBelow.)

Then, to the panel surrounding your accordion add this code. It will keep stuffBelow DP 20 pixels below your accordion.:

    Move stuffBelow to  [[Target.left]] , [[This.bottom + 20]]

Be sure to use Move to and not Move by


help me understand why you would not just use push/pull widgets?

Thanks josephxbrick…I’m not a coder so not sure where I put this code?

How would you use push/pull function on my accordion, which is in itself a collection of dynamic panels?

This is pretty easy actually and is found in the Case Editor when you create actions. Here’s screencast showing how…

Hi Niki -

Good point!

In many situations you would, but it would depend on how the accordion was created. I assumed that since most accordions use push/pull as their primary mechanism, if the stuff below it wasn’t already moving, then it’s likely that something else is going on.

I’m putting an example of a simple push/pull accordion here for anyone who’s curious.


File: simple_accordion.rp (57.9 KB)

Hi Fquadri -

If you are still having trouble, post your accordion and I’ll take a look at it - though it’s likely the community will beat me to it!

Thanks everyone, might be giving this functionality a miss. I don’t need this functionality anymore after all :slight_smile: