Adaptive label issue

I created an interaction for an adaptive label. It works, but I have a slight issue. When I take the focus away from the text entry and the placeholder text returns, the panel seems to shift location just a bit at the end. I have no idea why. Any suggestions?
adaptive label.rp (54.5 KB)

Which browser are you using? I’m running it in Chrome and can’t see any issue.

Hi tallgal,

I’m not sure if I’m seeing the same behavior you described either. Here’s a quick video of what I’m seeing in Chrome:

As jlhelmers mentioned, could let us know which browser you’re currently using to view your prototype, as well as what build of Axure RP you’re currently using? That information would help us do some further testing on our end and see if this might be coming down to unexpected behavior. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

I’m seeing this in IE. I have the latest version of Axure installed

Hi tallgal,

I did some further testing and I’m seeing consistent behavior across IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on both Windows and macOS operating systems. Could you tell us which operating system version of Windows you’re currently using?

Also, if you haven’t already, can you try previewing your file in different browsers (other than IE) to see if you’re running into the same behavior there? If you can send over a video of what you’re seeing on your end, that would be very helpful as well. Thank you!

Could it be related to a zoom other than 100%?

This is like calling neighbors to have them see the awesome new trick your dog does, and then he doesn’t do it when they’re looking. Of course, now that I’m retesting it, everything works fine. I promise than previously when I left the field, the transition happened, then it looked like the panel adjusted down by maybe a pixel, but now for whatever reason it works fine. Soooo problem solved - and if it ever returns I’ll video capture it.

Apologies and thanks.

Hi tallgal,

No problem at all–that’s what we’re here for! As jlhelmers mentioned, adjusting your browser’s zoom setting to 100% (if it isn’t already) may help, but please let us know if you do happen to run into this behavior again.