Adaptive prototype doesn't preview correctly in a browser AX9

Hi there,
I opened an existing RP8 file in AX9. It converted correctly. But when I preview it in a browser or publish it the adaptive views do not show the correct UI as I created in AX9.

Within Axure 9:

Within browser (Chrome)

Even when I scale the browser it does not change the adaptive views (setting is ‘auto’).

Any suggestions?

Hi Jeranimo,

That’s no good! Could you post your Axure RP 8 file here for me to take a closer look?

[details=Summary]DekaMarkt_Web_20180917_v0.6.rp (4.4 MB)

Hi Jeranimo,

Thanks for the .rp file! I’ve been digging through it on my end, and it looks like the 9 beta doesn’t like when you have an unplaced dynamic panel in a master in a non-Base adaptive view. Having this setup will break the adaptive view functionality in the browser output, and I’ve filed this as a bug with our QA/dev team to get fixed.

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@Jane_Axure Can you confirm the issue is about masters and adaptive view.
Whether the components are within a dynamic panel or not is irrelevant for this bug, right?

I’m trying to confirm this is the same bug as the one I described there: Adaptive view not rendering properly in browser when using a master

Hi supertoket,

The issue you’re running into isn’t the same as the one Jeranimo ran into in this forum thread, and you can find my response here. :slight_smile: