Adaptive view not rendering properly in browser when using a master

Hi there,

I started to use Axure 9 beta 3 days ago and I’m not sure if my problem is due to the beta or something else.

I’m designing a responsive app.
I have a dynamic panel within a master, and the latest view is not rendering properly in the browser.
I looks like the latest view render something weird from the first view.

Here is in Axure:

Here is in the browser:

Here is the axure file: External Portal.rp (2.1 MB)

Thanks in advance for your help!

OK. I tried to rebuild the buggy adaptive navigation from scratch and got into a similar issue…
I built it in a different way but got a pretty similar output.

Everything is fine until my navigation is a dynamic panel only, but when I put the dynamic panel into a master, the bug happens.
The weirdest is that the second view works like a charm, but the 3rd and last view does not, taking some styles from the 1st view…

This is actually happening for any time I’m using a master even without a dynamic panel… which is pretty unproductive :frowning:

Edit: It seems it was already reported in Adaptive prototype doesn't preview correctly in a browser AX9
My bad if it’s a duplicate bug.

Hi supertoket,

Thanks for the sample .rp file! It looks like some Base view styles/content appear for the last view (in 3+ adaptive views) when the widgets are inside a master. For example, I’m seeing that the font color in the Base view is getting applied to the last view, and widgets that are placed in the Base view but unplaced in the other views show up as placed in the last view. In your .rp file, it looks like the dynamic panel’s container size in the Base view is getting applied to your Landscape Tablet view, which is why you’re seeing such a big discrepancy for that last view. I was able to reproduce this in a new file, and I’ve filed it with our QA team so that we can get this fixed up.

In the meantime, a workaround would be to break away the elements from the master (you’ll want to first break away the outer DP so that your different AV content isn’t lost), which I realize isn’t ideal, but hopefully this helps a bit!

Thanks @Jane_Axure!
As long as it’s going to be fixed for the final version, I don’t mind not using masters for now.
Thanks for reporting it to your QA team!