Adaptive Views isn't staying constant for every widget

I noticed that sometimes one of my widgets loses the correct measurements in terms of adaptive views. This happened once earlier and it seemed to have fixed itself when I checked the next day.

This is the correct adaptive view for one of my widgets: image

This is one of the ones where it changed and it also effects the preview online too to be out of format and appearing outside the mobile view:

Also, this seems to only be happening to the mobile adaptive view, all the other widgets in the other views works correctly.


Is this a bug? Is there any known workaround to this? I tried to ignore it for a while, but it’s actually effecting the preview view for the widget too to come out of the view even though it was measured so it wouldn’t because of the view changing by itself for one widget.

Hmm, just to double check, when you notice that the widget in the mobile view moves/resizes, by any chance do you recall whether you happened to be editing that widget in one of the other adaptive views, and had “Affect all views” been turned on by accident? If not, then do you know whether certain types of widgets specifically seem to show this issue, such as table and menu widgets? Some widgets aren’t adaptive and making certain types of edits to them (e.g. editing the width of a table) will carry across all adaptive views, so that will help to determine whether there’s a non-adaptive widget causing this or if something else is going on. If you have a file that you’re able to share that is currently demonstrating this issue then please feel free to attach it here or email it to Thank you!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t have “Affect all views” turned on. All my other repeater rectangles work well with their adaptive views except this one repeater and only for mobile view the purple line is not in the right spot and it seems to effect the actual preview unfortunately. Also, this repeater links to another repeater that is positioned on its canvas such that it fits perfectly beside it to show its corresponding items (from the second repeater where the views problem is happening) for each item in the previous repeater’s items. I’m not sure if this is why the view isn’t working properly. I tried removing the rectangle and putting it back and it hasn’t fixed itself and right-clicking and going to Grids and Guides and removed the Adaptive View and put it back and tried both together, but the bugs comes back for the mobile view again when I put it back. I will send an email to them soon if there’s no fix soon. Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: I was keeping documentation notes for the prototype and I looked back at one of my screenshots from a past version from my version history and noticed that it was working before properly with the Adaptive View all working including mobile, but somehow somewhere in what I did after changed this and messed up the linking repeater’s view orientation.

Nonetheless, I was playing around with it to create a workaround and so I changed the Location of the rectangle group and noticed that instead of setting the X value to 150 (which worked originally) but was coming past the mobile view purple line (as seen from from the screenshot posted in the question), due to the changed view width, I changed the X value to 0 and it happened to fit perfectly into that newly changed mobile view purple line.

This actually ended up fixing the preview problem where this repeater’s items were all appearing padded out with whitespace in the middle and so now it fits perfectly.

Thanks again for all the help!

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