Adaptive Views not working as expected in RP8

I’ve created mobile prototypes using RP7 many times and had them sit on a phone as expected. This is my first time trying it in RP8.

This RP file started off only with desktop prototypes. I’ve only added the adaptive view today. My target device is an iphone 7. So I created an adaptive view for 375px width or less. Then I exported.

This is the URL that should work on my phone:
JOBS (M) V02

However, that view is identical to the desktop version:
JOBS (M) V02

Any idea what I’ve done wrong?

I figured it out. I forgot that after you create an adaptive view, you then need to go into Generate HTML --> Mobile/Device and click “include viewport tag.” Now it works.

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Somehow my viewport tag was turned off so none of my adaptive layouts were working. Defaulted to desktop on mobile devices.

Checking that setting fixed the issue. Thanks!