Adaptive Views on AX9

I’ve got a prototype with a desktop and mobile view. I’ve unchecked the box for “Affect all views”.

On the desktop version I have 4 buttons that change the state of a dynamic panel.

When I removed a state from the DP on the mobile view, it also removed the state from the desktop view. When I changed the action of a button on the mobile view, it also changed the action of the button on the desktop view.

Is this correct?

Hi ajacobsuk!

Hmm, is your mobile view a child view of your desktop adaptive view? If so, I’m seeing the same behavior on my end with child views as well. I can see how this behavior could feel unexpected, so I’ll be filing a feature request regarding this with our teams.

In the meantime, one workaround would be to create duplicates of the widgets that need to be altered in your mobile view, while the “Affect all views” checkbox is unchecked, and then unplacing the original widgets from your child view. This will make it so that the mobile view can show the modified dynamic panel states and button actions, and the desktop view will be able to maintain the original states and actions.

I hope that helps!