Add a child to a tree when pressing a button

I’m trying to implement a function that when I press a button, I want to add a child to a tree
To be more specific, I want to copy a text from a text field then add it to a tree as a new child.

Is this possible in Axure?

There are a few ways to achieve what you’re looking for, ranging from nice and straight forward to pretty complex.

If you just want to simulate adding a node to a tree, you can layout a static tree view with all the parent nodes you want already expanded. Then just put a repeater below the parent node. You can add as many new children as you like then.

If you want the tree to be “fully functional” (expanding/collapsing nested parent nodes, adding sibling and child nodes to different parents, etc.) it’s possible but a lot more complicated. Somebody did post an .rp file that included a really awesome dynamic tree view, but with Axure’s new forum changes, I can’t seem to find that post anymore.

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I’ll try it out
Thanks :smiley: