Add filter - syntax only works with number!

Hi guys!

This is pretty basic stuff that I can’t get right. Please advice! :slight_smile:

I have an issue with “Add filter interaction syntax”
I’m setting up a prototype with a repeater-widget with multiple filtering options.
When I add a rule for “add filter interaction” it always work when I use a number
Like this:
Add filter interaction
Rule: [[Item.state == 1]]

But when I change the value of the variable to specific text like this:
[[Item.state == “Characters”]] or [[Item.Column0 == “Axure”]]

It never works! (or sometimes it work but I don’t know why) - I’m really careful when I write and i know it’s case sensitive.

What I’m I doing wrong? Thanks for any reply!

Create a simple mockup to explain the issue:

AddFilterInteraction.rp (54.1 KB)

You need to use single quotes. So it would be [[Item.state==‘Characters’]]

I have no idea why this is the case, and it is not obvious from the documentation that you need to do this.

Dave thanks for your reply! Singel quotes do not work either. I started with singel quotes, but that did not work so I tried quotation mark and that worked - once. I can’t replicate it. I’ve been struggling with this for hours…

You are using curly single quotes, not straight single quotes. The straight quote key is above and left of your right hand shift key.

Helpfully the forum software here replaces straight quotes with curly quotes automatically, so it doesn’t appear possible to accurately paste examples. I’ve updated your rp file.

AddFilterInteraction-updated.rp (54.2 KB)

I’m crying of joy! THANK YOU.

You’re welcome! It wasn’t an obvious thing to fix. I’ve lost count of the number of times a tiny detail like this has broken my prototype.

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