Add reference page to repeater when Add Rows

I am new to Axure. Just learn how to use Repeater. In my scenario, my repeater item has one link icon, when click it, will go to another page.

For those data I added to repeater manually, I can choose to add Reference Page to a specific column, then use its column value as the Icon Open link to get my expected navigation.

But I also want to add new data to the repeater dynamically, like click a New Record button on the page. But in Add Rows action, I can’t figure out how to add a Reference Page value to a column to the row.

I tried to use PageName or other ways, but failed.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible in Axure RP 9? If it is possible, how to do it?


After searching a lot through google and get no answer. Then try different ways in Axure RP. I think I finally get one solution for my own question, at least it works in Axure RP 9 now. Not sure whether it is an officially way to reach my goal.

I find that in Open Link action, I select “Link to external URL”, then I can fill a text value in fx panel like “targetPageName.html”, then it will work in Preview mode. Not sure whether it is still work when I publish to Axure Cloud.

So I guess, I may add this string content in Add Rows action when I try to add new row to Repeater dynamically, after testing, it works.

Still hope other experts can tell me the best way to reach my goal if my finding is not.

This can work, yes. You’ll want to use all lowercase, and convert any spaces in your page name with an underscore. You can do this algorithmically using [[LVAR1.replace(‘ ‘, ‘_’).toLowerCase()]].html .

Be aware that global variables will not carry over to pages opened as “external link” —so when the user clicks on the link in your repeater, the new page will open with all global variables set to defaults (blank). If you are not using global variables this is nothing to worry about. If you are relying on global variables the only workaround I know of is to set up some conditional cases in the repeater’s Item Loaded event, to handle your page links. So, if you have more than a handful of possible pages to be linked, it could get tedious, but otherwise not too bad.

The basic logic is like this…

  • When adding a new row, use a hash of the page name, like “P1” for “Page 1”, and/or use a special tag to indicate an inserted link, like preceding the page name with a ‘+’ or ‘*’. Or, you could add a column just for this situation, like “AddedLink” and set it to true only when you dynamically add links—anything that reliably identifies these specially inserted links.
  • In the repeater’s Item Loaded event, use cases that test for the presence of a hash, tag, or column value, and if so open a specific page in your prototype. For example,
    IF [[Item.LinkColumn]] equals “P1” open”Page 1” in current window
    IF [[Item.AddedLink]] equals “true” and [[Item.LinkColumn]] equals “Page 1” open”Page 1” in current window
  • Create these cases as ELSE IF conditions, with the last case being ELSE IF true Open [[Item.LinkColumn]] to handle your normal page references.
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