Adding a graphic to a button

If I group an Image with a button it does not behave like a button. The image object gets in the way. I’m told one can make new graphic backgrounds for widgets using Sketch. Is this how one does it? If so, is there a tutorial?

You can group them (CMD / CTRL + G) and then put the click action on the Group. That’s probably the easiest way. You can even give each individual widget its own interaction styles and then trigger as a single unit by selecting Fire Mouse Style Effects from right clicking on the group.

Right. That’s exactly how I had thought it would work. Making sure the Actions are assigned to the group too…
But the right click and select “Fire Mouse Style Effects” I missed that!
I’d still like to learn exactly how to work from Sketch into Axure!

You can also set an image as a Fill on a shape under the Style panel.

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