Adding checkboxes and other graphic to a repeater row

Hi all,

This is a problem I’ve been wrestling with from time to time and I’ve never been able to solve it adequately.

An example of the problem is this. I have a repeater table like so:


When I have changed the row, I’d like to be able to click a checkbox in the row to show it has been amended like so:


The trouble is that when I try and do that within the repeater layout I get:


i.e. all the rows are updated. Is there any way of checking the box without updating every row?


How are you determining that a row has been changed? That is, what is your code now?

…and how are you handling the checkbox click to show the check? If you are showing a graphic, then it should only affect that row instance. If you are updating the repeater, maybe you are updating all rows?

If you have a selection state styled, just t use “Set This to selected”, or if you have a dynamic panel, “Set state of This to Next wrap”.

Or, are you calling something outside the repeater to evaluate changes or something? If you change something in a repeater from outside the repeater then it will affect every row, unless you update only one row, or utilize a Move by (0,0) approach.

If you can post your .rp file here, I can take a loo at what you’vet got.

Hello, there.

Actually, there is a quite simple method to do so. Let me walk you through this:

  1. Make sure you have applied the “onSelected” Style Settings to the checkmark icon (as opposed to trying something with show/hide on certain data input; you can do that, too, but why bother going that extra mile). For example, you might set the opacity of the checkmark to “0” by default and define the opacity as 100% “onSelected”.
  2. Assign a selection Group name to the checkmark (e.g. amended); also: name your checkmark instance to identify it quicker, when defining the onClick command in step 4
  3. Now make sure the checkmark can be selected, for example by placing a hotspot above the checkmark
  4. Apply the onClick command line to said hotspot, which should read something like this verbose: on click > setSelected of placeInstanceNameOfYourCheckmarkHere to ‘toggle’ (or just ‘true’)

Now, when the selection groups of your repeater are NOT isolated, that should do the trick. It makes the items within your selection group communicate with each other w/o updating the whole repeater.

Hi all,

Thanks for the advice. I was hoping that there was something within the repeater that could manipulate images without the use of workarounds like hotspots and moves (I’ve already got a couple of versions using those). The problem without integration is that when you subsequently delete or add additional rows you have to turn all the checkboxes off or move them around again.

But thanks anyway