Adding Comments to Interactions (like devs comment code)

Has anyone found a way of “commenting” interactions? I’m imagining this to be similar to the way devs add comments to their code. There are plenty of interactions that can get complicated (even with great naming) and having the ability to add a comment reminding myself what an action was for would be really useful.


To be clear, I don’t mean allowing collaborators to leave comments like they would on the actual prototype. I want to be able to leave them for myself or for clarity for project handoffs.

I missed something the first time. “Other” pops up a window with the comment in it. So here’s a jankier solution I’m using now. I’ve added a strangely named global variable that just shows the comment.:


It’d be great if “Other” had the option of being silent (or better yet, if a proper comment system existed.)

Original post:
Here’s what I’m starting to do. The style doesn’t distinguish it very well as a comment (thus the addition of the javascript like “//” to start the string) but I’m guessing it at least doesn’t add any actual processing overhead to the prototype.


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