Adding custom "common interactions" and hotkeys

Hello there! Just downloaded new RP 9 Beta. First thing i have to notice is new interaction builder: its not bad, just different. But since you’ve added “common interactions” section to help us do common things faster let us customize that section!

For example, let me create interaction like “onClick – setPanelState” and put it near “onClick – open link” so i can reach this function faster. Every single UX-designer got different common interactions, they vary from project to project.

Second thing i was looking for since RP 6 is hotkey\shortcut builder. Its not easy to press Ctrl+Shift+M or any other tripple-key combinations to do common actions. I think that hotkeys were created to help us and save some time, they should be clickable by one hand. Let us customize hotkeys\shortcuts so we can use them by left hand and let our right hand control the mouse.

Cheers, thank you for releasing RP9!


Bump for Axure team. Presets that we have now are not so useful and versatile. Let us create our own presets.