Adding extra text to a label which has it's value entered from a text field

Hi! I’m looking for a way to add extra text to a label, which is connected to a text field.
I have set it up so that when a user enters their name in the text field, a label appears with their name. And then I’d like to add some extra text to that label automatically, so for example:
User Enters “John” in the text field,
The label would have to appear as “…John.” on the screen.
Is there any way to accomplish such a task?

What event do you want to trigger this? I’m going to assume you want it to occur as they type, but you can always change what event triggers it.

On your field:
Set text on LabelWidget to: …[[This.text]]

In my case it occurs after they press a SUBMIT button, which then changes the label to whatever they entered, and that’s when I would like the “…” to be added, if that’s possible.

Then just put the Set Text action on the submit button instead. You’ll have to change “This” to a local variable also.

Set text on LabelWidget to: …[[SomeTextField_LV]]

Where SomeTextField_LV is a local variable set to “Text on widget” for your text field widget. To edit local variables click the “fx” button next to where you enter the text for the Set Text action.

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Oh, that worked perfectly, Thanks a lot!