Adding interaction to a curve line

I’m trying to make an interaction on a curve line. Just the line. It seems this is impossible. The interaction is triggered on the rectangle that Devines the coordinates fo the curve. Can I isolate a line so the interaction is triggered only when the line gets clicked?


By “curve line” I assume you mean a flowchart connector and not a standard Line widget. Connectors do not have interaction properties, unfortunately. You can overlay a hotspot (or any widget with opacity:0) to handle the click. The hotspot will have a rectangular area, so if your line is long enough to span other widgets, you’ll need to coordinate your z-space alignment (front to back) so the line and hotspot are behind other interactive elements.

Here is a quick demo:
Clickable Flowchart.rp (55.2 KB)

It’s not a connector but a line converted to a curve. However the same as you say is true. it’s forcing the click area to be a rectangle based on the two curve ends. This makes it so the user triggers the interaction when not clicking the actual curve line. I’m hoping to learn a way that only the line click triggers the interaction. I think what I’m asking may unfortunately be impossible.

Oh, OK, so a Shape widget, like something you drew with the Pen? Yes, same deal… all interactive areas are rectangular, just like straight HTML. You’re hitting the dreaded “rectangular hotspot” issue, which is common to many graphics systems. There are several solutions to this in HTML/CSS, such as defining imagemaps or using CSS sprites, but none I’ve seen applied to Axure (yet.) In theory, these could be implemented in Axure via javascript or CSS injection (or the plugins on AxureShare.)

Here are a few starting points if you want to pursue this: