Adding Plugins to Libraries

I’d like to have a series of HTML code snippets that can then be used across my projects. I’ve seen that there is a Plugin function in Axure Share, which lets you add external HTML, but is it possible to add these to an Axure library? It seems to work for projects, but not libraries, even though the Plugins button is available for libraries.


Its my understanding that plugins live on AxureShare and NOT on Axure itself. That being said, if you tried to move a widget from a library it would not bring with it the AxureShare plugin. Separate platforms.


You can get pretty creative with Web Fonts @font-face. This section of Preview Options is essentially an open hole to stuff crap into the head of your HTML document. All you have to do is START your JS with a closing squiggle } and END it with an opening squiggle {. This essentially bypasses the styling crap Axure is trying to do which allows you to inject more or less whatever you want. This still doesn’t allow you to attach code to widgets, but it doesn’t make setting up a template page from which all other pages are built pretty easy… if any of that made sense