Adding Rows from one repeater to another

Hi guys,

How do I pass the value from filtered and clicked repeater item to the new row in the another repeater?
Almost nailed it , but I need little help from you :slight_smile:

repeater_tags.rp (55.5 KB)

Yes, very close. There are a few things I noticed.

  • The “tags_list” repeater has one column named “Tags” but the Item Loaded event sets text of a widget to [[Item.Names]], so this results in nothing. I changed this to [[Item.Tags]] so the text gets set properly.

  • In the “repeater_all_names” the Click or Tap of the widget has an action to Add Rows to “tags_list” but nothing is set for the “Tags” column, so a blank row gets added. So, in the Add Rows action there is a little “properties area” outlined in blue with the target field and an “Add Rows” button. Click that button to get a dialog that lets you specify how many rows to add and what data to set per column in that repeater’s dataset. I added “[[Item.Names]]” to the “Tags” column so that the name of the row clicked gets transferred to the other repeater.

repeater_tags.rp (55.9 KB)

@mbc66 oh great thank you for your help, now I understand we need to pass the values from one repeater, in this case >>all names repeater<< to another one, in this case >>tags list repeater<<.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: