Adding "tags" of selected items from list that resize based on content from repeater

OK this is probably a really dumb, newbie type question, so I apologize…

I have a drop down list (repeater) from a predictive text search box… and when I choose a selection, I want that selection to become a “tag” below the search field. I want to be able to add multiple tags when selecting options from my repeater.

I cannot figure out how to change the width of the tag based on the string length.

On another note… I’d like to add in an “x” icon to the right of the tag… and have that stay to the right of the text string, no matter the size… suggestions on how to make that X icon “sticky”?

See file attached…

Template_Filter.rp (165.1 KB)

Resizing widgets based on text length (with a proportional font) is is not directly supported in Axure. You can use a javascript hack (not officially supported by Axure; it works but is not guaranteed; use at your own risk.)
This thread might help, as it includes demo and adding an “x” icon:

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Thank you! I will give that a try - I definitely saw that post when I was searching… but I didn’t realize what “chips” were! :slight_smile: