Adding text into a currency variable

Hello there.

I’m working on setting variables to subtract a couple of fields and get a result. No problem there. I added a $ and decimal feature to the script to get $10.00. When I get a negative number it formats it as $-10.00. How can I get the $ sign to be inside the negative number?

money formatting.rp (61.9 KB)

Hey there,

One way to do this is to add a global variable (set to the same value as diffTotal) and some conditional logic to check to see if that variable is greater than or = 0.

You can use the logic you’ve already got, just change it to:

 -$[[((LVAR1 - LVAR2)*-1).toFixed(2)]].

This way you place the ‘-’ outside of the dollar sign, and you multiply the sum by -1.

Make sure you toggle ‘if/else’ on your cases, so that each case reads IF. Here’s the file with those updates:

money formatting.rp (65.9 KB)

Note** In my file I used a widget to test my variable. I deleted the widget, but forgot to delete the logic to update the text on the widget.

If you wanted to avoid two cases, you could make the whole thing a string and then replace the ‘$-’ with ‘-$’ like this:

[[((’$’).concat((LVAR1 - LVAR2).toFixed(2))).replace(’$-’,’-$’)]].

money formatting.rp (62.3 KB)

To break this down:
We start with a string of ‘$’, then append your formatted number, and finally
search the resulting string for ‘$-’ and if if’ts found replace that with ‘-$’.

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Thanks for both of the solutions. They worked perfectly.

Ok. One more thing.

What if i want to have a couple of fields (supp1 and supp2) total down to suppTotal and that does the combination with diffTotal to put the results in diffReadOnly (see enclosed project)?

I can make the diffTotal add up supp1 and supp2, but i keep failing at then getting that to put that result in diffReadOnly. I’ll keep at it in the meantime.

Thanks for your help.

money formatting_2.rp (60.7 KB)

So suppTotal is the sum of supp1 and supp2. diffReadOnly is borrowTotal - suppTotal?

I had to look at it twice to be sure, but yes.

Have a look at the attached. I centralized the logic to “onMove” of your diff total so you don’t have to update so many different places with logic. Then each text field has a case that says to move the diff field on text change. Let me know if you have any questions.

money formatting2.rp (64.7 KB)

Thanks. I’ll dig into it. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as i’m totally new to the variables thing.

Much appreciated.