Advanced filtering and pill tags that show up from accordion checkbox widgets

Hello all.
I’m trying to create a tool that showcases various types of lists, based on filters. There would be a dynamic list you can save lists to, as well as predefined lists, that the business would show you.
Want to show the tags, based on filters dynamically and change the list results view.

I’m drowning in a sea of variables and dynamic panels…

Help please!


The best way to deal with lists and filtering is to use repeaters. Axure’s documentation on the repeater widget and on filtering are a great place to start.

Here’s an example that may be pertinent to what you’re trying to do. It takes various fixed lists and “adds” them to a dynamic list. “Adds” is in quotes here because all fixed lists are already in the dynamic list; they’re just hidden by a filter of the dynamic list. The Add buttons simply update the appropriate rows so that the filter now shows them.


File: filtering example.rp (162.7 KB)

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