Advanced Repeater Filtering Sorting

Running Axure 8 Team Ed on Mac.

I want to search/filter/sort my dataset.

I am trying to decide whether its better to have multiple data elements in a single column (separated by commas), or best to create multiple columns for each data element.

For example, I have a list of software products and I want to search/sort/filter this list by the platform the software runs on. Note that some products runs on many platforms.

Question: should I make separate columns for “mac”, “PC”, and “Unix”- or is it better to type “mac, PC, Unix” in a single column.

I imagine each option is available, however, I was curious which was easier when creating expressions.



Since you can use expressions in filters, you can target substrings within a column for filtering, so having comma-delimited values within a single column makes sense. E.g. the following filter would return all rows where the “os” column contains the text “unix” anywhere in its string:

[[ Item.os.indexOf("unix")>=0 ]]

Note, however, that you cannot use expressions for sorting, so you wouldn’t be able to sort on a particular OS (in the given example).

If you used a column per OS, you could use filters just as effectively. The following filter would return rows where the “unix” column or the “mac” column were true.

[[ Item.unix == true || Item.mac == true ]]
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