Advice requested: mobile text field search


I can’t seem to get my prototype to function with a search field on mobile. In the file below you’ll see the widget setup, that includes a text field, type=“search”, with the magnifying icon as the input button. When used on mobile device, it won’t allow the user to fire the search button (in this case load the next page).

Here’s the file: search-test.rp (79.6 KB)

Here’s the published file: Try for yourself.


What am I missing? I appreciate your help – this is driving me insane!

Hey there,

So two things I noticed:

  1. Your axshare URL has different interactions in it than the file you gave in your post. In your axshare URL mousedown of the text field opens the link.

I’m thinking the mousedown event might be why it’s working on desktop and not on mobile. Either way, your published file doesn’t match up with the logic that’s in your local file.

  1. In the file you provided in your post, both of your open link actions are missing the page to open:


First of all, thank you so much for your time! I appreciate you offering your help.

I apologize though, the file with the mousedown wasn’t an accurate version and I’ve since updated it. Would you mind re-examining it?


Your revised version appears to work fine on my iPhone.

Ok. Mine too. I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Follow up: Is there a way to get a search button to appear on my mobile phone keypad?

Set the “Type” from “Text” to “Search” and I think it should do that.


You may need to also associate a submit button to a widget in order for that to work as intended.

Thank you very much.