After 1 month of 9 - Overall feedback

Overall I couldn’t go back to 8 at this point. I am enjoying the upgrade very much. The published view is so slick!

I can’t resist sharing a few things that I’ve found in 9:

  1. Selecting items can be difficult: I understand there’s a bug around widgets on tables but I’m finding it difficult to select any widgets. I’ve resorted to bringing the widget(s) I want to select “To front” and that seems to help a bit. But overall, harder than in 8.
  2. I’m finally getting used to the new Outline (Inline editing) but moving from Outline to Page isn’t always smooth. After editing a dynamic panel state, if I want to go to the page, I click on “Pages” and then on the page itself, but the Outline view stays resident. I have to switch to a different page and then come back.
  3. Copying and pasting an interaction from Panel state to Panel state is not intuitive. I’m never sure if it’s going to work. Very strange method.
  4. I miss the paintbrush to copy styles. It took me a while to find the option in the Paste options. Seems buried for something I tend to use pretty frequently.
  5. What happened to “Re-publish this page?” Did we lose that? I sometimes build massive prototypes that can take ages to publish. I miss that option. So quick & easy.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to all of us!

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