After tapping on accordion the view jumps

Hi All, I’m new to Axure. And I stuck on this jumping view issue with the accordion. Every time I move the accordion to below the fold (mobile view). And, preview the page on a mobile device, then tapping on it then the view jumps to the top of the page. I really want to understand what I’m doing wrong here. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

accordion_help.rp (67.1 KB)


I would send this question directly to, because the view jumping to the top has been a somewhat common problem that usually has nothing to do with how you designed the page.

That said, in the past I’ve found that items collected together using groups rather than containing the same items using dynamic panels would cause this to happen, so you might duplicate the page and re-author it using dynamic panels to “group” items together rather than using groups. But that’s no guarantee.

I’m curious about the outcome if you take this route, so please let me know if it solves the problem (assuming it is applicable to your issue).