Align widgets next to each other

This may be hard to explain. When I’m laying out widgets in my prototype, I often want them to butt up against each other (for example, I have a “Nav Item” widget in my library, and if I’m creating a page with 5 navigation items, I put 5 Nav Item widgets on the page. I then have to manually drag them to be one after the other).
When I want things to distribute evenly or align left/right/middle/etc. I can use the alignment or distribution tools. I was just wondering if there is a command or shortcut or anything that will pull two widgets together (either vertically or horizontally) with 0px space between them?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Courtney!

There isn’t an auto snap-to-widget feature like that. The current Snap To settings (“Arrange > Grid and Guides > Snap to Widgets”) allows you to manually drag widgets to be lined up. But I’ll go ahead and log your idea with our product team so they can evaluate the added functionality where it can apply to a selection of multiple widgets.

Hi Alex
Alignment distribution is a functionality that will save much time, is this a feature that will be available anytime soon. - This is a simple feature that should be prioritise in the next release