Aligning center with centered text

I think this is a bug. I have paragraph and box widgets. I center the text within the paragraph widget. Then I select both the paragraph and box widgets and center align them. When I edit the paragraph text I would expect the center alignment to stay the same between the widgets. Instead, the paragraph widget moves over a bit.

Hi pixeler,

I’m having a bit of trouble reproducing this on my end. Here are the steps that I followed:

  1. Add a “Box 1” widget on the canvas.
  2. Add a “Paragraph” widget to the canvas.
  3. Select the Paragraph widget and set text-alignment to center.
  4. Select both widgets and center align them on the canvas.
  5. Edit the text on the Paragraph widget.

After following these steps I didn’t see the text within the Paragraph widget move out of alignment or the Paragraph widget move out of alignment with the Box 1 widget.

Are my steps any different than yours? I’ve also made a quick screen recording to help clarify:


Hey Justin, sorry but I got the paragraph and label widgets mixed up. Try with the label widget.

Hi pixeler,

Thanks for following up with that! I was able to reproduce this with the label widget and have filed a report with our respective teams.