Aligning records when dropped from 1 grid to other

I have two table grids in which I have used set function to bring 1 record from 1 grid to other. Now in first grid I have left aligned records myself in each row. However when on click the record is brought down to other grid the record by default appears center aligned and I want it to appear left aligned. Kindly let me know how to do this.

Would you mind posting your prototype so I can take a look?


Please open the below link and scroll to the right there is a pop-up with grid…click on add selected contacts button
to view the event. The record is center aligned on dropping to below grid. I want the record craig white to be left aligned.

Please refer the below screenshot too the issue is with record craig white

Hi rahulzlpr,

It looks like you may have posted the URL for the local preview of your prototype. Since this URL will only work when you are previewing the prototype on your own computer locally (via Axure RP’s “Preview” function), would you be able to post the prototype’s RP file itself? You can do that by clicking the “Upload” button in your forum reply and then selecting your RP file from where it’s saved on your computer via the “Choose Files” option of the popup that appears:

If privacy is a concern, you can also feel free to send your file directly to our support team in an email to Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Looks like you sent a Localhost link. Haha I do that to my developers all the time. Anywho…

Are you using Repeaters? If not, you probably should. They’re awesome.

Here’s a little something I just whipped up. I hope it helps.

tableSwap.rp (68.8 KB)

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You are not a Newbie I have been watching your contributions too…

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add contacts file.rp (215.8 KB)

There you go. Please view the behavior by clicking add selected contacts button.

add contacts file.rp (215.8 KB)

please view behavior by clicking add selected contacts button

Hi rahulzlpr,

Thanks for posting your file! It looks like this is happening because the table cells named “Blank 2”, “Blank 3”, “Blank 4”, and “Blank 5” all have their text alignment options set to “Align Center”:

This means that when the “Add Selected Contacts” button sets the text of these table cells, the text inside will appear center aligned. To get the text of these table cells to be aligned to the left, you’ll want to change each of these cells’ alignment option to “Align Left” (the option to the left of Align Center).

Hopefully this helps!