All selected values on a drop down list reset after "adding new row"


When you try the right hand side function
First, selecting an option from the drop down menu,
it works completely fine, but when you hit the add another button,
it adds a row but wipes all of the previous row selected option.
Is there anyway to prevent that and to keep all of your selected options after adding rows?

HCI 003.rp (760.3 KB)


Every time you do some action to a repeater, the repeater reloads every item, meaning that all rows will revert back to their default state. To get around this, you’ll need to store any changed information in the repeater’s dataset using the “update repeater rows” action.

In your dataset, you’ll need columns to store start date, start time, end date, end time, and any selected days of the week. Then you’ll want to use the repeater’s “item loaded” action to show the appropriate widgets and set the appropriate selections and text.