Alternate color for repeater doesn't work in RP9

As stated in the title, the setting to add a alternate color for repeater is not working in RP9

Make sure your widget background color is transparent. Can you post the RP file here?

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Thank you for the prompt reply, and yep, it’s transparent.

I think it will be good if it can overwrite other things if I choose to give it an alternate color.

Repeater.rp (68.1 KB)

Hi Jacobyan,

It doesn’t looks like your background widget in the repeater was set to transparent, which is why your alternating colors were not showing:

Once I set the opacity for this widget’s fill to 0, the repeater showed its alternating colors.

Repeater_EDIT.rp (60.3 KB)

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Oh, got it, there’s one more bg color in the repeater editor mode. Thank you Jane.

Please also consider my feedback to overwrite the original background color.

Thank you.

I cannot figure out how this done. I don’t see any code other than OnItemLoad for setting the content. Could you please provide some instructions or a link for how make the repeater background color alternate?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Jason1,

To set up alternating colors in the repeater please make sure you’re in the “Style” tab when viewing the repeater; that’s where the alternating color options are available:

I was expecting to see something like that in the color section of the repeater rather than down the list. Axure 9 is just filled with new features I have yet to discover.

Thank you Alyssa!

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