Animate a series of images based on scroll/mouse position

Hi, I have an upcoming project that will show 3d renders that explode out on the scroll position - bit like this:

In the short term i will be creating this effect outside of axure (there are many examples out there to be used) but wondered if anyone had attempted (or even if it is possible without breaking axure) this in axure?

EDIT: Actually the above could also apply to controlling a video based on scroll, but this would be outside the realms of Axure (i think)…


You could maybe do it with dynamic panel and a lot of screenshot of the video.

Here an example which show the change of panels with the windows scroll:
Video-images based on scroll.rp (49.1 KB)

Add an image for each panel, use conditions for the scroll (y < 200, y<400, …) if necessary and it might work.

Good luck!

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Thank you - i figured out the changing the state based on scroll, but not the incremental scroll stuff - thx! :slight_smile: