Animating repeater add row

I am wondering if it is possible to implement slick animation when adding row to repeater. I am experimenting with move and swing. Please see example repeaterAddRowAnimation.rp (122.8 KB)

However, how do I move and swing all of the previously added rows? In my example, each row is moving independently each time a new row is added. The effect I would like to achieve is move all existing rows as a group. Is that possible?

Thank you for your expertise!

I like the micro-interaction!

This one was pretty easy to fix. Your description of the desired effect describes the solution well–you were so close.

So, I just made “all rows” a group by selecting your DISPLAY repeater and making it a group (Ctrl+G), naming it Outer DISPLAY Group and then moving it (instead of the group inside the repeater–which essentially turns every row in your repeater into its own group.) So it is good to keep in mind if you do anything to a widget inside a repeater, every instance of that repeated widget (or group in your case) will also get the same treatment, in very rapid succession.

See the example (1) page in this updated file:
repeaterAddRowAnimation2.rp (185.5 KB)

What great simple solution! Thank you mbc66!