Animation easing - why on push/pull widgets but not on move / show / hide?

If I hide a widget, I can have an animation to make it slide, eg Slide Up. The animation runs linear.
However if I use ‘Pull Widgets’, I can set an easing curve, eg spring, bounce etc.

Why can’t I use these easing curves on the show/hide or move animations? One thing I’ve never understood!

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Hey Meirion,

It looks like the animations that are available for push/pull are also available for “Move”. Just to check, are these the animations that you want “Move” to have?

I do see that Show/Hide don’t have those animations available for defining how the widget shows hides. I’ll file a feature request for additional options to be added for those. Thanks!

These animations…

do not match up with these ones…

This is specifically related to pushing / pulling widgets.

Let’s say I have an accordion - I hide a panel with an animation and pull widgets - because the animations are different the items don’t move together. So the panel hides at one curve but the pulled widgets move on a different easing curve - so it looks totally disconnected and messy.

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Any update on this from almost 2 years ago?..

Currently on version and still seeing the issue.



Hi platypusman,

The “Show/Hide” and “Push/Pull Widgets” options are considered separate interactions and do have different types of animations available to them, but I can definitely see the cases where it might make more sense for their animations to match up (such as in your examples)–I’ll go ahead and pass this along to our product management team for another look. Axure RP 9 is currently in development as well, so there’s a good chance that this feature will be up for evaluation for the new release.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with!


Did this get fixed in 9 anyone?