Anti-Virus Warning in document.js file

I just updated to the latest stable version of 9 ( today, so I’m sot sure if this is related to the new update…

Previously, my prototype was working well. I would export to HTML (Publish > Generate HTML files) for offline viewing and all was fine.

Today, when I exported and tried to open the file on a Windows machine, there was a warning notification saying that there was a virus inside the document.js file.

I also zipped the export folder and tried to email it via Gmail and there was a notification from gmail saying the file was blocked because there was a virus…

Has anyone else had this same issue??

Hi Jim!

Thanks for reaching out about this—We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue just yet, but we’ve received your email regarding this issue and our support team has sent a response regarding gathering some more information.

One thing to note is that the behavior when sharing the zipped file through Gmail is expected, since .js files are included in the ZIP. You can learn about Gmail’s attachment restrictions here.