Applied Styles on Interactions - Can't find in 9

In 8 I used interaction to change styles frequently. For example the new trend of having a label appear over an input field, and when the user focuses on the input field the label animates up above the input field.

I can easily do this in 8 like this:
label is placed behind input field
when focus on input field move the label up the y axis
use Rich Text to change the input field to a smaller font size and color

That last step i can’t seem to do in Axure 9. I can bring in a precoded widget i did in 8 using a library and it works, but if i try to do the interaction from scratch in 9 i can’t access Rich Text for the label.

It’s very strange because clicking on the library item i ported in from 8, the text box which as all the interactions applied to it shows my Set Text as set to Rich Text. But when I click on the new one i’m creating with 9 and set text, Rich Text isn’t an option.

I also use set selected as a method for changing styles. On Selected, change to green etc. But in 9 when i click on my label Selected isn’t a style option in the list… yet the ported in library item from 8 has it included. I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to set a selected style, and rich text style to labels in 9. Am i just missing something?

interaction example.rp (53.6 KB)

see the attached file

Hi lorielue,

Thanks for trying out the 9 beta! I’ll be happy to assist with this.

To start, I’d like to point out that the “rich text” option is not available with the Text Field widget, same as in Axure RP 8. The reason why you aren’t able to see the “rich text” option for your 9 widget in your file is because the widget you are targeting in the Set Text interaction is the “label” text field widget, rather than the Label shape widget:

It looks like your text field widget is behind the Label shape widget, causing the confusion. Once you set the text field’s fill color to transparent and then move this widget to the front of the Label shape widget, delete the Label shape widget’s OnClick and move it instead to the “label” text field widget’s OnClick. Then, edit the OnClick to set the text not on the “label” text field, but to the “Label” shape widget instead. You should see the “rich text” option after changing the targeted widget.

Second, the Interaction Styles menu for widgets have moved to Style Effects, available through the Interactions pane for the selected widget:

I’ve edited your file to demonstrate the above changes. Lmk if you have any questions!

interaction example_EDIT.rp (55.7 KB)

This is soooo non-intuitive. I keep forgetting where you hid the Style Effects and I have to search for this read thread to remind me. I was going to try and explain why I find it confusing but that would take to long so I created this screen share. Hopefully, you can view it and you’ll understand my frustration and the frustration that many users will have.

YES! This was the main problem I was having. I couldn’t find these dang styles anywhere! I’m not sure why there are so hidden. I’m able to get it working now. Thank you!

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Agreed, KawaKiwi. I hope that this beta isn’t the only user testing they’re doing, because they seem to be ignoring the beta feedback.

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